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HTC one V texting problem

I have an HTC one V that I purchased just about 2 years ago. However, the texting app is extremely slow!! When I press on a contact for a texting conversation it will have a white loading screen for up to 5 minutes then the app will quit and go back to the main texting screen. Sometimes I have to go through this up to 5 times before it will finally load the text message. I have tried everything that has been suggested on other forums, including quitting apps that are running and deleting all my stored messages and non of this has happened. Often my contacts will not load either if I want to make a phone call or send a new text message. I have not tried a factory reset but this does not seem to work for other people who had this problem and seems like a big hassle. Has anyone had this problem and solved it? Does anyone know what the policy is like a Koodo for warranty or replacement phones if you are not satisfied with your phone?

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You have a one year manufacturers warranty from the day of purchase. That no longer applies here. You get what you pay for, really. The HTC One V is a low end smartphone and as such, is much slower than a normal mid-high end smartphone. And as time passes, the phone only gets slower. The more apps, pics, music you have, the slower the phone will be. The phone is just going through its natural life cycle really. A factory reset actually should help as it makes more memory in the phone to for processing applications.
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Koodo's policy states that you need to return the phone under 14 days if you're not satisfied. Which is enough to test the phone and be satisfied with it. As for your problem, have you restored your phone recently or imported text messages from another phone? Because this happened on my S4 when I've imported texts. The time it took the phone to load all the messages and organize them is what made my app to close and bug. Also, you might have too many text, try deleting some!
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Now that your device is out of warranty you may want to consider rooting your device and installing a custom firmware such as slim bean or Cyanogenmod. A custom firmware is usually the android operating system without all the garbage that HTC included with your device. Make sure you backup your personal data and pictures before you attempt this. You can get more information about rooting here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1869667 SlimBean here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2092572 Warning: doing this has the potential to make your device unusable. Make sure you read and understand every step of what you're doing. I am not responsible if you turn your phone into a paperweight. You assume all risk by doing this. Also you could just get a new phone like the Moto G and save yourself this hassle for 150$.