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HTC One V Running at Glacial Speed!

I have an HTC One V. It is two years old. Over the past while it has become extremely slow in carrying out some functions such as calling up the list for PEOPLE or phone contacts or opening certain apps. There are other strange little quirky things going on as well such as not displaying the weather unless I manually touch the refresh button or shutting down Hangouts when I try to switch from one person to another. Etc., etc., etc. With the extreme slowness, I get the feeling that there is something running in the background that never shuts down. I am tempted to do a factory reset. If I do will I lose apps, contacts, music, photos, link to Koodo?

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You can do a factory reset to fix issues and yes you will lose everything stored on the phone so backup any important information. Your cell service isn't affected. The thing is that phone is old and also very low spec'd to keep up with the demands of users in 2014. I highly recommend upgrading your device. It's time to take the One V out to pasture.
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If you do take Johnathan suggestion and upgrade to a new phone whichiis strongly recommended IMO as well and don't want to shell out the cash for a higheend flagship but want a phone thats quick, reliable and lower priced definitely check outtthe Moto G from Motorola that's available at Koodo, it's an excellent little device. If you could spend a little more or need more storage space then check out the Nexus 5 it's an excellent device with near top specs for a very reasonable price.