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HTC one V and « Facebook Messenger » app...red exclamation point when sending SMS

Hi, I have a problem with the app « Facebook Messenger » which is supposed to allow me to receive SMS and facebook messages at the same place. I always gets a red exclamation point when trying to send a SMS to a friend and it says « unable to send the text message » in the status bar, but sometimes it works well for like 10 minutes and then it come back again... I have a HTC One V... data connection and wifi are working well I tested it! I also tried to disconnect and reconnect... and to uninstall and reinstall the app but didn't work 😞 ! Thanks a lot

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Hey Charles, Most of the time when you see an exclamation point after sending a message, this usually means the the message didn't go through and that you should try to send it again (chances are that data was not enabled when you were sending the messages). Since the support we can provide for 3rd party apps is very limited, I'd recommend to mention that to the developer, if there's any issue with the app, they will probably fix it on an upcoming update. _______________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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I used to use the HTC One V and when I tried to text through the app it came up with that all the time. I honestly just decided to stop using the app for texting and just used it for the FB Chat