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HTC One slow with texts

I bought an HTC One V from Koodo about 18 months ago. Until about 2 months ago it was fine, but lately texts have been coming in hours or a day late and all at once, and text conversations take 2 or more minutes to load. I don't use my phone for much besides texts and occasional internet (I have about 50 photos on my phone and no music, and maybe 2-3 apps that weren't pre-loaded). All updates have been installed. I went to a Koodo kiosk and the worker there said it was probably because I have months of text conversations that have to be loaded every time I get a text from that person, but it happens with short threads I have too, and I want to make sure that's the issue before I delete all my texts... Thoughts?

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Yeah I would trim down the amount of texts you have saved. Maybe cap it at like 500/conversation. You can do this in the settings. If the texts are very important to you, look into an SMS back up app on the Play Store.
Thanks, Jonathan! I just tried that and it doesn't seem to have made a difference, even after a soft reset. It still shows my conversations dating back the entire time, and although I haven't counted, I'm guessing some of them are over the limit I set. But the phone is also quite slow loading conversations that are much shorter. Do you have any further ideas?
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I don't think the length of the conversation would matter too much. This is totally a theory on my part but you remember how old phones stored texts in a list in the order they've received? I wouldn't be surprised if the new phones did this too behind the scenes, and then populated them into a conversation when you open them. If it has thousands to sort through it could take a while being as the One V isn't very powerful. All that being said it's all theories at this point, but really how often do you go back to read old texts (I understand there might be the odd few that are important to keep, but do you really need all the conversations?)