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Htc one m9 wont charge when on but when i turn it off it charges?

  • 5 September 2015
  • 4 replies

My HTC one m9 suddendly stopped charging when on so I have to turn my device off then the charging light will come on, but if I turn my phone on it says it's charging but then I unplug the charger and it says it's charging still someone help phone not even two months old

4 replies

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I'd try doing a factory reset and see if its just a software quirk. Before you do though make sure to back up all your personal info to your Google accounts
I tried that still nothing
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The charger is a garden-variety 1 amp, nothing special. Can you try plugging the USB cable into a laptop or another charger to see what happens?
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if nether work you might want to consider  replacing the wire. they are made in such mass that there is prone to be the odd  faulty wire in a batch