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HTC One M9 Network Time Off By 4 Hours

Time settings for my phone in Surrey, BC are 4 hours off and have been since the time change. Attempted restarts, attempted changing location and time settings, etc. Vancouver location shows correct time, but unless I turn off all location settings and remove the koodo network from the equation I can't set it as default. I've even shut down, removed the SIM card and torn the bloody thing apart and restarted.  This results in it flashing the correct time for a few seconds then changing again to a time 4 hours ahead.Using an HTC One M9 on a prepaid plan and have not had this issue before. Manually setting the time with all my location settings off is no longer an option.  Any ideas?

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Are you connecting to wifi? Is the time correct on the router?
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Is the timezone on your phone properly set?

The time on your router should not mater unless you have NTP setup on it and you tell the phone to connect to your router for the time. 

Check the actual settings on the phone, tell it to use the internal time and set it manually. When connected to the Koodo network, your phone will use Koodo's NTP servers to get the time set on your device.
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There have been a number of complaints about HTC phones doing this since about November 5, when an update was pushed out. See Here and here