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HTC one coming?

HTC one is on the major carriers in USA

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Nothing's been announced but stay tuned to Koodo's Facebook page for this type of announcement. Personally I wouldn't count on it though, unfortunately.
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You can bring any unlocked phone to Koodo that's compatible so you can always buy it elsewhere and use on koodo. Koodo already carries the Galaxy S4 and having time with both the S4 and the HTC ONE & after lenghfuly test both phones I have to say that the S4 is the better phone in every single way other than sound which the front firing speakers have every phone beat for depth of sound and the way it directs towards the user. The other other thing most ppl like is the build material which seems impressive but actually takes away from the phone more than it brings to it. The metal build makes the phone heat up and transfers that heat across the entire device and components and if your a gamer it can heat up to the point of throttling the device drastically to the point of you only getting half the performance and causing the device to begin to lag. Keep in mind this only happens when playing graphic intensive games for over an hour or more (ex. Real racing 3) This doesn't happen on the Galaxy S4 as the maximum it heats up only causes it to lose approximately 10% of the performance ever. The metal build needs to be covered just as much as any phone to protect the display from a accidental drop and screen smash so it defeats the purpose of the metal build a little further. The metal if dropped has the potential to dent and there's no way to fix it if it does, another point of needing a case which defeats the point of the metal build. It's a beautiful device and looks impressive but when you step back and think about it, it's not the best idea or implementation of the metal build idea. Sucks because I was really all for this device when I first got the review unit and thought it was the best new device hands down but that quickly faded after some tests.
the galaxy s 4 has heat and lagg issues as well, not to ention storage issues too. its not perfect either.
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Clark Olson wrote:

the galaxy s 4 has heat and lagg issues as well, not to ention storage issues too. its not perfec...

All phones heat up but it's not an issue on the S4 as it doesn't cause it to throttle and lag like it does with the HTC ONE, trust me I've done extensive testing with both units. It had lag issues or what ppl called lag issues when first released which wasn't really lag it was slow drawn out animations which when you turned the animations off or lessened them it got rid of it. There's been an update to the S4 since then that fixed that issue as well as the storage issue as it gave the ability to move apps and games to the SD Card giving an extra gig or two of storage space.
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Don't think the HTC One will come to Koodo but you can hope for it.