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HTC M9 warranty. Phone discontinued. Trade for other phone (Samsung Galaxy S6)?

Hey guys,

So Koodo is no longer carrying the  HTC M9. I purchased this phone from Koodo and bought the extended warrantee (covers any kind of damage and will replace up to two phones for $50 each). I have been having issues with my phone and will likely return it for a new one.

Sooo how will Koodo replace this phone if they no longer carry it? Will I have the option to take a similarly priced phone (S6?) or maybe a cheaper phone and have my account credited the difference? I'm not sure I want a new M9 so these two options may be preferred. So does anybody know how they would handle this (assuming 1. they still have them in stock but I want another phone or 2. they no longer have them in stock and I want another phone)?


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eSecuritel handles your warranty replacement, not Koodo directly. They are partnered with companies in the US too, not just Koodo. So you won't have to worry about replacing your M9. I don't think you can choose a different manufacturer replacement device unless there were no M9s available whatsoever in their inventory, though.
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Jonathan I wrote:

eSecuritel handles your warranty replacement, not Koodo directly. They are partnered with compani...

And even then, you don't get to choose the 'equivalent' phone. Which no offence, the S6 is way better than M9 so you probably wouldn't get the S6
The shop you go to will do it's best to order one in from another location if it is within the over the counter exchange time, if the issue is happening beyond this period they will send it for repair while giving you a loaner. If you do need to make a claim through the extended warranty the phone is replaced through a trusted third party koodo has paired with for replacement, it does not rely on Koodo stock. If you are within the return period and the phone is having issues, it is your choice to choose another model if the M9 is not in stock or if that is the option you prefer even if the M9 is available, though of course if the price is different you would be required to pay any above cost or you would be refunded if the phone you choose is less.
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Here's an excerpt from the pages of the Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions - Koodo Extended Warranty.

[i]"Your replacement phone will be of like kind and quality with similar functionality and comes with a 90-day warranty or the balance of the original warranty, whichever is greater. We try to match the exact model and color as your original phone, but we can’t guarantee that your replacement phone will be exactly the same model or color. Your replacement phone will be either a brand new or refurbished phone of the same or similar make or model, or a different make or model phone with comparable features, at our sole discretion".

After reading through the terms and conditions of the extended warranty, I could not find anything written where the customer has the option of selecting a different phone.
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What kind of issues are you actually having? Or in reality do you just want to trade it for an S6? it's OK if you do I understand I did.... Well gave my wife my M9 and bought the S6 and am much happier, actually the s6 is my favourite phone to date and we go through alot of phones every year.