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HTC M8 and Samsung galaxy 5 GSM quad band? ,can they be unlocked if purchased outright?

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I don;t know the specifics about what models Koodo got for those phones (if there is more than one. I know Samsung is bad for that). Yes they can be unlocked for a $35 fee if purchased outright. You must be a Koodo customer for the unlock to be billed to you, and to buy them outright you would have to sign up for month to month service and then cancel I believe paying for the first month.
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If your wanting to purchase them to use on a different carrier then your best to buy unlocked models outright from online retailers like negri electronics or expansys.ca I've purchased phones from expansys.ca and had them at my door the very next day and everything went smooth but you will need a credit card that allows for international use as its billed to their offices in the UK.