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HTC Desire Z (a7272) can't see network

My wife prefers a physical keyboard, so I bought an HTC a7272 from eBay. It was new in box, unlocked (T-Mobile) and the Koodo tool says it will work, but it only sees the Rogers network. I have a Koodo SIM card for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That phone is only vompayible with gsm since its the american version
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I believe the phone should indeed work if the spec sheet I'mrreading is correct. So go into the network settings and make sure the phone isn't set to 2g or gsm only under network type. Try searching manually for the towers around you now and when the list of carriers pops up select Koodo. Then you may also need to change the APN settings to those of Koodo's if they aren't already showing to get your Internet connection working.