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Hi I have been a koodo customer for 4 years now and I am very satisfied with the service(on phone and in person). I love how you guys take your time to listen to the customer and review what's best for everyone. My first koodo phone was an INQ Cloud and was not a great phone by any means but it was affordable. I have started college at the time and it was perfect for me along with the plan that I can afford. My second phone was an HTC One V which I loved very much. I don't have much of an idea to present to you but I would like you to know that me and many others I talk to that I have encouraged to join koodo instead of any of those other rip you off phone companies would like to see more phones like HTC. Also I would like you to know that u guys do an amazing job and I want to thank you for being a company that does not bite me in the ass every monthly bill. sincerely: loyal koodo customer ivan

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Glad to hear you're happy. Koodo actually carried the HTC One (M8) for a while but it couldn't keep up with S5 sales so they pulled it. You could look into buying one secondhand and bring it over.