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How to use Kakao talk and Whatsapp for free using wifi

I don't have data on my plan but am hoping to use whatsapp and kakaotalk with my wifi connection. (samsung galaxy ace II x) I have never tried putting my wifi on because I'm convinced that it will cost me data. Questions: 1. Is it free to download these apps through WIFI (and blocked data)? 2. Can i only text through these 2 apps uing WIFI or can i also send pictures using only wifi?

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You won't be charged for using WiFi because WiFi is not from Koodo. WiFi is an internet connection that has nothing to do with Koodo. You can download apps and do many thing wen you have WiFi and you won't be charged. You can send picture/video messages any time but if you have data blocked - then you can't. However it doesn't use data as it is included in the unlimited texting. You can only use these apps when you have a WiFi connection. If you don't, then you will be charged for data unless it is blocked - then you won't be accessed at all.
Thanks, John. But i'm still confused about the picture msg part. if my data is blocked and I am on wifi, can i use kakao/whatsapp to send pictures? if my data is NOT blocked and my wifi is on, will i be charged for sending pictures through kakao/whatsapp?
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Hey Emma, you should be able to send pictures over wifi with these applications. These applications are 3rd party and do not require a Koodo Mobile data connection to work. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Answering your first question, as long as you're on Wi-Fi then yes, you can because the app itself allows you to send picture messages, text messages and voice notes all through Wi-Fi, even with data blocked. If you're data is NOT blocked, but you have a reasonably strong Wi-Fi signal your phone will in most cases seek out and lock onto the stronger Wi-Fi signal. However, if you should lose the Wi-fi signal, your phone will automatically switch over to data. There have been situations where people thought they were on Wi-Fi, only to find out they'd been using data the whole time when they receive their monthly bill. Answering your second question, if you're going to be using Wi-Fi with these apps, it's best to turn data OFF to avoid getting charged for data usage. You won't get charged anything for sending pictures through apps like Kakao, Fongo or Whatsapp, while you're on Wi-Fi. I can use Fongo in airplane mode and it works perfectly without data.
Kakaotalk.Yes you can.as long as you use on WIFI,you can send/receive pics even can talk over WIFI for free. am usin' it. I don't know about whatsapp.
I've been trying to use whatsapp but haven't been able to add/see any of my contacts. Anyone have some help with this? I've uninstalled/reinstalled but nothing is working. I've been trying to use it on my wifi connection