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How to take credit card number off preauthorized paiements?

I would like to know how to deactivate preauthorize paiements? It gets me all confused and it never pass when it says it would, For example, it passed today, Feb 6th, but it says on the site "next bill Feb 12th".. I will not pay it twice so I would like to know how to delete my credit card number off of there so I can do paiments whenever I want..

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Same thing happened to me my brother, I called and conflated, but do your research before hand as they will try and stump you. I got a full months bill voided, added 100 to my account and dropped all the charges, went from paying 200 or more a month into 85 a month. hope this helps. Cheers Mate -Joshua corbett
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For this issue you would need to call Koodo directly.Dial *611 from your cellphone or