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How to set up my Galaxy S7 when I can't get in touch with koodo?

So I got my Samsung Galaxy S7 in the mail yesterday (Friday, launch day), but as I was expecting an important call I didn't want to take a chance setting it up, but I was able to ask a guy at a koodo booth.  He said to to do it all online.  He assured me I would still have the same phone number even though I have to use the new included SIM card (I currently have an S5).  So when I finally had a chance to look at it again Friday evening, I went to the URL on the pamphlet - koodomobile.com/RegisterMySIM - but when I go there it says "Online changes of this service have been suspended. Call 611 from your phone or 1-866-995-6636 and we’ll help you make the updates."  But when I call that number, it says to call during office hours.  Do I really need to wait until Monday to get a hold of someone?  Or can I just put in the new SIM card, swap in the microSD card from my S5, do the Galaxy S transfer thing (with the included cable) and will the S7 really have the same number as my S5?  Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately you'll need to wait until tomorrow to call in and migrate your service and phone number to the new sim. You can install the Sim now and setup the phone over wifi but the phone part won't work until you call in.
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You might also transfer your data from the old phone to the new one with NFC. SETTINGS→ WIRLESS & NETWORKS→MORE→NFC. Turn on the NFC on both phones and put the devices in contact back to back. It does not take long to transfer the data.
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Make sure your Sim is in first.
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Which Koodo booth was it Jonathan? I'm pretty sure they should still be able to help. Chad right though, we do customer service on Sunday, so you can give us call and we will help.
Bernard wrote:

Which Koodo booth was it Jonathan? I'm pretty sure they should still be able to help. Chad right ...

The booth I was at on Friday was Southgate Mall in Edmonton.

I called in to koodo and had it set up just now (Sunday afternoon).  Thank you, it was painless and quick.  In retrospect I should have had my SIM card ready to stick in my new phone after telling her my SIM card number.  But it all worked out.  Thanks again!  I am currently transferring stuff over using Smart Switch, so far that looks pretty simple too.