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How to send and receive MMSs

Bonjour, j'ai un samsung GT que j'ai acheté avec Koodo l'année passée. Je ne peux pas envoyer des MMS. Comment puis-je resoudre ce problème? Merci! Hi, last year I bought a Samsung GT with Koodo. I can't send (neither receive) MMSs. How could I resolve this problem? Thanks!

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Were you ever able to send MMS? Do you know the model number of your phone?
Hi Chad, my telephone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace II x GT-S7560M. I was never able to send MMS. I tried to create an APN as suggested in some forums, but it didn't work.
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Is your data turned on? It needs to be on for this to function, wifi doesn't count.
I don't know what data is 🙂 How do I check it?
But I think it is on. I think data is "Données mobiles".
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Settings Wireless and networks More Mobile networks Data enabled (check it) May also say "use packet data"
Yes, I checked. There is also another option "Itinérance-Connecter aux services de données en itinérance", this is not checked. But I don't want to activate internet, because I should pay.
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Ya so if you don't activate the Internet you won't able to use mms. Here's a work around Connect to a strong wifi source and then activate your internet. This will prevent your phone from using the koodo networks for anything other than picture messages. Once your message is sent you can disable the Internet before you disconnect from wifi.
Perfect! Thank you very much!