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How to retrieve contacts, notes, etc from broken ACE

Hello, My husband dropped his phone on the road and he along with several others ran over it. The screen is totaled but the phone still turns on. I would like to know if there is a way to retrieve his contacts, notes and anything else he had on the internal memory. It is a Galaxy ACE and we are not interested in repairing it, just want to get stuff off of it. I have connected it to the computer via USB, but of course you need the screen to prompt storage. Thanks all!

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If he's got his Google account attached to the phone then all his contacts should already be saved in that account. When he signs into his next android, all of that will be synced with Google. As far as pictures unless you stored them on an SD card you may be out of luck. If you did store then there, just putting the card jn a new phone should yield your old photos. When he gets his next phone he should turn on Dropbox sync which will upload photos to a cloud drive whenever he gets wifi. That way you'll have a backup. For text messages there is an app called Sms backup+ This app creates a special place in your Gmail and sends all your texts to that place. Very convenient.
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Get samsung Kies. (Itunes for samsung) It should be able to access the photos notes and music from the phone. Here is the Link http://www.samsung.com/in/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/JSP
I don't think you need the screen to prompt the phone to switch/connect to storage. But what B2theden said, get Samsung Kies, and connect your phone. It has a contacts sync, and should be able to pull quite a bit off the phone. If you have the phone plugged in, try looking in the "My Computer" to see if the phone shows up as removable storage, you can at least get the files/pictures you need off the phone that way also