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How to get my tab readjusted when my phone has never worked

I have an lg3 have had it since nov of this yr it has never worked right they said i have to send it in for repair. Which i have already done but thwy cant find it in their system so how is this my fault i shouldnt have to pay a tab balance when its never worked right and its not my fault they cant find that i sent it in for repair and i have been a customer with them since they cane out

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When the phone came back from repair it probably came with a paper from the service facility in Mississauga . I can't remember their name but I'm sure someone will chime in. You can call them directly and see if they have a record of your phone being there. Your phone has a warranty as well for the first year. If it's not working right you can send it back again for repairs. What exactly is wrong with your phone?
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Hello Britt! Every time a customer sends their phone for repairs through Koodo, system generated memos are left on the account and we cannot find any trace of the repair you are describing. Did you send it to repair at a Koodo store or through a third party company? As we already discussed with you, the phone must be sent out to repair if you're looking to get it fixed. Thank you!