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HOW to get my Koodo phone unlocked, for travels

I've been roaming the forums for an hour now, to figure out HOW to get my phone unlocked. I am currently with Koodo and very happy with them, but I travel alot and keeping track of prepaid phones (I have 7 right now) is a bit of a pain. I would like to unlock so that I can just use the prepaid SIM in my own phone (MEGA which I looove). Anyone?

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Hi there Katy... Your Koodo phone could be unlocked, you can get in contact with Customer Service and request the phone to be unlocked... There is a fee that applies and also some requirements... They will explain everything to you...
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Depending on the phone, other 3rd-party unlocking websites are sometimes cheaper than getting it done through Koodo. For example, when I wanted to unlock my HTC One M8, CellUnlocker.net charged only 25$ -VS- 35$ from Koodo. However, on my iPhone 5S CellUnlocker.net was charging 100$ -VS- 35$ from Koodo. So, you should check CellUnlocker.net (or a few other sites) to see what their prices are before using Koodo's service.
First get old sim card then open were sim card gos you will new screen opening up asking you unlock code put were asking you is done plsese note Travels is not chip how ever you can down load free app as like fongo mobile use free WiFi that is chipper?? I hope this helps you let me know if it works for you
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What is your mobile brand name&model?If you need unlock your mobile you can visit this site http://www.prounlocking.com/supported-phones/rs8wp7/ here you can get the unlock code and unlock your mobile easily. To get the code you have to mentioned your mobile brand name,model,which country is locked now,network provider and imei number. Then they send unlock code through email.
No just put the old sim card get IEMI Format your phone ones you have done that it will give you code

you will see box to put the code in the push ok

that's it your are done now travels can not be chip best

thing i can give you www.fongo.com this way you can make free calls to Canada using WiFi free??

Now I understand if the hotel's have free WiFi

just ask thay will tell if thay have or not