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how to download Samsung apps via wired computer connection

Hi, I have a new Samsung Note 2. I'm new to smartphones. My new internet situation is that I don't have wireless in my current living situation, only a wired connection through my computer. I don't want to eat my limited data by downloading big apps. How can I download apps via the computer's wired internet? The rep said when I plug the phone into my computer it should install some kind of interface for doing this but it doesn't - the phone just behaves like any other drive (which in a way I like when I simply want to drag and drop files, unlike itunes which I hear seems more interested in limiting where the phone could ever be plugged in ever again). thanks for any help.

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Hi Samantha, Are you using a laptop? If so, you can create a WIFI connection from your computer which would pull from the wired connection. You would then need to connect your Note 2 via WIFI to your computer. From there, you can just download apps directly from your phone. Alternatively, follow these instructions here: http://www.androidcentral.com/installing-android-apps-google-play-website Hope this helps! Peter
Thanks, Peter. No it's a desktop. I saw the instructions you linked to earlier but thought maybe they'd been outmoded since the rep seems to think I should have been prompted to install Samsung Kies to download apps - but I guess Kies isn't necessarily needed?
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Hi Samantha, You can download the Samsung Kies application manually here: http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/ Cheers, Peter