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How to change your prepaid plan to another pre paid plan ?

Hey there i am on the 35$ plan for my koodo prepaid and yes i did love this plan cause it suited me but now with jobs calling etc and if i miss the calls i cant call out til after 5. i want to go back on the 50$ aa month plan but when i put the time on my phone it will take the 35$ off then i am stuck with that plan again

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Some good answers here... https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/changing-prepaid-base-plan-questions
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Tally out how many minutes you actually use and when. It may be easier to drop down to the $15 basic plan and add a booster bundle of minutes that you can use anytime.

Or depending on where you live, unlimited post-paid may be a better option for lkess than $50.