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How to block a number (crank calls)

I'm getting a repeated call from some 800 number to my child's mobile which I'd like to block for good. They keep calling 4-8 times a day, and hanging up as soon as answered. I went to the FAQ page, and the instruction on the page doesn't work at all; neither the one time blocking nor the permanent blocking. Has anyone have any idea how to deal with this? Help!

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You can block via the phone app settings
Hi Dennis - I usually use iPhone, but my child's is our old LG. Where exactly do I go? When I have the Phone app open, there is no settings available there.
Ok - do you mean the settings app? I wen to the "call settings" under there but there is no blocking a specific number. I found how to block our child's number to an outgoing call. Thanks for your input, btw.
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iPhone Settings>Phone>Blocked Android Depends on the phone model you have. You may need to download a call blocking app of it is an older phone
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You could try downloading a call blocking app. BlackList https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.baole.app.blacklist&hl=en