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How much is the Samsung s3 worth to trade for a knew phone

I was thinking about paying of the rest of my tab and then going on another tab with the iPhone 5s and I was wondering how much the Samsung is worth to trade for the 5s

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Hi Cameron,

Honestly, you will not get very much. Koodo gave barely 80$ for the S4 not even a year after it's initial release. You are better to sell it yourself on Kijiji or eBay or something. You will get more than what Koodo will give you. For an exact value tho, IF Koodo accepts it, you will need to go see them at a retail location.
Ok thanks so much
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Look for the prices on Kijiji for the same phone and sell it around that price. 100% sure you'll get a better offer then koodo
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Also tabs have changed and you're going to have to contribute 100% of whatever you borrow over the next 24 months, Koodo no longer contributes anything to your tab. it may be better for you to just buy whatever phone you want outright or even consider used.