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how much is the nexus 5 outright?

hi im am looking to purchase a nexus 5 outright, how much would that be on koodo. ive been looking at getting one for some time now and have been with koodo for a few years now.

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$350 Armando 🙂 https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/android/nexus-5/prodKLLGNEXUS5BK.html
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It would be 350

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It's a great phone, $350 well spent. It's the phone I have after upgrading from Galaxy S 3. One thing to be aware of though, no external memory card slot. It didn't matter to me, but it might matter to you. If you need the expandable memory, go with a S4 or S5
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Is there a way to get the $50 off with the tab small?