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How much does it cost to repair the charging port of a Galaxy S3?

If possible, what is the range for the cost of repair?

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Hi Michael, if the damages are not covered by the warranty (e.g. physical damage), the cost is up to $175. Since it might be too expensive to repair it, considering it's an old model, it might be worth changing for a newer model, such as the Moto G, the Alcatel Idol 3 or the LG G3: http://koo.do/1GgRxzH. If you wish to repair ir, simply go to a Koodo store and rep will help you out http://koo.do/kdostore. Thank you! 
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Check with Kijiji for local suppliers. Quoted flat rate for S3 charging port is around $50 in Sherbrooke, QC.

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Sorry to ressurect an old thread -- I had this same problem with my Galaxy S3 and ended up buying an external battery charger on Amazon. The external charger does not have much of an output but is great for overnight charging.
I had the same problem. I got mine fixed for $40 plus taxes. Sadly, I have had other ptoblems since !