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how much does it cost to go with koodo

how much does it cost to get setup on kodoo

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There is no set up fee. Check out their phones and plans at koodomobile.com to get the details.
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Depends if you are going with a tab or no tab option and what plan you decide to go with as well. To actually sign up, as Chris mentioned there is no setup fee there is also no contract (it's month to month) and no cancellation fee (you just pay off your tab if you have a tab). I just signed up on Sunday and didn't cost me a penny to get everything setup and activated. Watch the video below which explains how your first bill/invoice will work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE9TiOqzrVg#t=13
do u need a sim card at all
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Catherine L Hogenson Caswell wrote:

do u need a sim card at all

Yes, you need a sim card in order to use the Koodo service.