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How much cash would I need to purchase a samsung galaxy s5 unlocked with no term?

I am considering purchasing a samsung galaxy s5 no term unlocked, how much would that cost taxes included?

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You have to be a Koodo customer to buy a phone outright. Some stores might sell it to you if you're not, but with a $50 premium. You'd better call ahead and ask. If they allow it, it would be $685 + tax, which equals $774 if we're using Ontario HST. Also it won't be unlocked. It's locked to Telus/Koodo. Once again if you're not a customer and not activating service with Koodo, you'll have to get an unlock code somewhere else. I recommend cellunlocker.net or even try eBay using a trusted seller. Your other option is to purchase it somewhere else unlocked, like expansys.ca. One of our MMs Paul used that for his Note 2 a couple of years ago and he liked it.
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If Koodo sells the phone outright, they will have to unlock it, but the fee will apply. Otherwise, they'd be in violation of the CRTC code.