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how long is the warranty on a preowned phone

I'm not a customer yet but would lil to know what the warranty is on a preowned phone with koodo?

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Certified pre-owned phones from Koodo carry a 1 year warranty from Koodo.
which covers manufacturing defects and all internal and electrical defects.
Basically everything except physical damage, liquid damage, lost and stolen.
Do NOT buy the extended esecuritel warranty that they offer....I have been dealing with them for 2 MONTHS trying to have my broken 4 month old phone replaced as per the warranty agreement (which I have been paying for monthly for over 2 years). It's a scam, they offer to send you out a rotated 'refurbished' phone (basically someone else's piece of junk that also isn't working) and never the same model as yours. I don't believe they even refurb, I think they just test to see they come on and send them out to the next sucker. Yes I am an unhappy customer. Not with koodo, but with their choice of warranty coverage. Trust me, nobody I know....and I know tons!....will ever fall victim to this warranty scam if I can help it!