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How long is a warranty on samsung 3?

  • 21 April 2015
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I have a samsung 3 and have had it for 3 months and have had problems with it from the beginning, it just doesn't want to hold a charge! But they took it back and apparently replaced the charge port but it still won't hold a charge, so should they not replace it with a new one since it's only 3 months old ? They want to send me a refurbished one! I think that's wrong, is this a normal practice for koodo?

4 replies

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Hi Susan, This is normal practice for Koodo. I've had had issues back when I got my S4, tried to deal with them but couldn't and after about 6 months I got warranty work after warranty work and still had issues so they sent me a refurbished one. I have not had any issues with this phone that was sent to me. The only thing I can recommend you do before you send it in, is take pictures of the phone before sending your current one out. They charged me about 150$ for "water damage" that I know was not on the phone. So just take pictures of that water indicator and of any damage on the phone before you send it out, if possible with a timestamp. Other than that, go for it! You are outside of the 15 day return policy from Koodo, Samsung repairs are not the best so get the refurbished while you still have the chance! Hope this helps!
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Hi Susan, This is normal practice for Koodo. I've had had issues back when I got my S4, tried ...Btw there is more than one water indicator, including one or two inside the device. Water damage can be caused just by humidity in your pocket or leaving the phone in the bathroom while you shower or a number of other ways. Warranties are one year generally (except for Alcatel which is two) Koodo acts as a middle man between you and the device manufacturer. Samsung makes the determination of repair or replacement at their discretion. They also determine water damage. If you paid 150$ then that money went to Samsung for the repair. In order to step in and help customers facing repeated issues with the same device, Koodo can offer refurbished devices. Most refurbished devices are devices returned during the 15 day money back guarantee. There's usually nothing wrong with them but they can no longer be sold as new. I've had two refurbished phones in my years with koodo, they are excellent and in most cases new. Good Luck LLAP
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I had a "certified pre owned" G2 from Telus last year before the G3 came out and it was half of the device balance/Tab of a new one plus it came with the standard 1 year warranty but never needed it because it was just fine. This is not only a common practice with Koodo but all the carriers. Refurbs aren't a problem.
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Hi Susan, I believe it to be an issue with the version of Android that's running on the S3. There's something deep in the phone that is constantly running, even though you may not be using the phone itself at the time, that's draining the battery. We've seen it with a few customers at our location (but not EVERYONE), but I don't think it's a widespread enough thing to make Koodo pull their S3's off the shelf. It's not something that Samsung is admitting to (since it's not Koodo's fault for the version of Android that's on the S3), or taking responsibility for (as far as I know). With the S3 being as old as it is, it's highly unlikely that an updated version of Android with be issued for the S3 by Samsung that might correct this problem, and the process required to downgrade the version of Android to something earlier that hasn't had any issues, is a tricky and delicate thing that most people wouldn't have knowledge or courage to do. I personally try to deter people from the S3 just because of the battery issues that I've witnessed with some of my customers. Koodo has lower end phones for the same price that are better in some ways (depending on what is important to you in a phone), and mid range phones for a reasonable price that are definitely superior. With that being said, you can get extra batteries for the S3 quite cheaply online. Here are some other things you could try, but do them at your own risk!!! (1) Go to.. Settings - More - Application Manager - All Open & disable any of these that aren't being used.. (obviously if you use a particular service, like Dropbox, leave it alone); Amazon MP3 Backup Dropbox DropboxOOBE Face Unlock Game Hub Music (the official Top 40 app) Music Hub O2 Space PageBuddyNotiSvc S Suggest S Voice Samsung Account Samsung Apps Samsung Backup Provider Samsung Browser SyncAdapter Samsung Calendar SyncAdapter Samsung Cloud Data Relay Samsung Cloud Quota Samsung Contact SyncAdapter Samsung Link Samsung Push Service Samsung SMemo SyncAdapter Samsung Syncadapters SamsungAppsUNA2 SNS Video Hub (2) Turn off any unused 'syncs' in google and samsung accounts. (3) If Location services are not being used, turn them off. (4) Go into Settings, Wifi, hit menu button, and turn off "Auto Network Switch". Good luck Susan!