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How is my data always being used up? I'm not happy or satisfied with my service.

Unhappy long term customer

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There's a lot of variables here. Which phone do you have? What kind of apps that require internet do you have on your phone and how often do you use them? Do you have auto sync enabled? Do you access WiFi hotspots regularly and switch off the data on your phone when you're not using it? How much data do you have in your plan? You can also view your data usage in the settings menu. Scrolling down on that screen shows which appa are using the most data over a time frame you specify. Giving us some more info would help us determine which option is best for you .
The funny thing is that I have had phone service with you guys for 4 years and I have everything turned off. I don't watch videos without WiFi because it eats data like crazy. I have a Samsung galaxy 4, I have 2 gb of data and have never went over. I do not even have any games on my phone because I also know that it uses data as well.
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Heidi wrote:

The funny thing is that I have had phone service with you guys for 4 years and I have everything ...

Games don't necessarily use data. Some do, some don't. I have NO games on my phone and still use many GB's of data a month on my phone so that argument isn't really a valid point
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Wait, which is it, your data is always used up or your data is never used up?
My data is always being used up before the end of the month. I hardly have apps that use it. I monitor it.
I have a new phone and plan. I use the phone the same way as my old one and the bill is double.
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Go to settings, and then data usage. Change the cycle date on that screen to match your billing date with Koodo. Scroll down to see which apps are using the most data. It might be apps updating in the background. Go to the Play Store and go to settings. Make sure "auto update apps" is set to WiFi only. Which phone did you have before this? The S4 has LTE so that might also be contributing to its higher usage, since it's a faster transmission speed.
Yeah I worked away at camp and used my phone more there than I do now and my data warning always comes up and so far this month I spent 25.00 extra. I'm not stupid when it comes to my phone. I turn a lot off. Just doesn't make sense. And I have 3 phones with Koodo. Might switch to another provider if something doesn't change.
I had an iPhone and Android. Maybe the Koodo reps selling phones should tell the customer that is paying money to keep jobs for Koodo that the current 2 gb of data using lite because it is faster that it is going to use all the data up in 10 days of the billing cycle. I have it set to the current billing date. That is how I know I have used above and beyond.
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Well you just said you went to camp and are using your phone more. That's pretty self explanatory. Still, 2GB of data isn't a small amount. I have 6GB of data and I've used 1.4GB in 2 weeks so it's surprisingly easy to use it more than you think. However I can't really help you any further because I can't think of anything else that might be eating it up. Your best bet is to discuss your bill with Koodo at 1-866-995-6636. No, it doesn't cost anything. Good luck.
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Scroll to the bottom of the data usage page. It lists all the apps that have been using data. Take a screen shot and post it here. We're trying to help but with no information all we can give are random guesses. Remember, we don't work for koodo. We're just customers like you.
I said I used to work at camp. I will call Koodo when I get a chance because this is ridiculous.
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Best thing to do is turn your Data off as much as possible and use wifi.
The Data usage issue you are having will not be any better with any other provider.
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Was there a Samsung software update lately that may have used your data?

Anti Virus or security app that runs more often than not? Auto-backups happening more frequently than necessary?
What was the last thing changed before you noticed your usage sky-rocketing?

All this may sound redundant but it's like troubleshooting a computer that suddenly developed issues.

A useful app is Data Enabler which turns off your data until you use the app to turn it on again (or until you turn on your data in Settings > Data usage > Mobile data. The app is a bit quirky as you need to have 2 shortcuts (I don't know why but I keep one hidden in a folder, the other is on my main screen so I can enable data quickly if I need it.). It's free but I've also heard it does not run on all smartphones which is a pity.

Can you enable power saving mode? As I understand, it's like a limiter on your processor, it also does a few other things that have no relevance to data usage. I have it enabled 24/7.

Forgot to ask if you have your data limits set on the phone = Settings> Data Usage add a check mark > Set data limit add a check mark and set your limits, one for warning and one for the phone  to deactivate data upon reaching the limit > Data usage cycle as suggested above to reflect your billing period. Remember to remove the check mark from Mobile data before you leave that screen (you get a warning popup telling you what may happen when you turn off data).  Hope this isn't too 'broken record' for you.