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how do you move android prepaid to iphone prepaid and keep the same number

  • 13 March 2014
  • 3 replies

i have a prepaid android and looking to go to a iPhone and keep the same cell number i known i have to get a new micro sim . just looking to see if you can move all info over to my iPhone

3 replies

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It doesn't matter if it's iPhone or Android, the service is what counts.

Go to a Koodo shop with your postpaid account #. The rep will then help you with getting a prepaid SIM and then pick out your base plan + boosters and activate it for you.

The SIM card only stores contacts and only if you've saved them there, but either way, since you have to get a new SIM card, that's not going to help. iPhones are troublesome to transfer over to because a lot of times it won't connect with blue tooth but you could try that. Another way is to save your contacts to Gmail and then get them on your phone but I forgot the methodology because most of the phones I sell are androids so it's easier to do that.
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Since they are both prepaid it's even easier to switch service. If they take the same size sim just out your sim in the iPhone and you're done. If not you need to buy the correct size prepaid sim and either ask the rep to switch them on your account for you. You can then ask for the contact transfer John mentioned.
You will have to buy the correct size of SIM card, though, which is $20. Then, you can always set it up yourself, as well. It's a pretty simple and straight-forward process.