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How do we delete facebook messages after reading them?

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What kind of phone do you have? You could log into Facebook using a computer and delete them from there as well.
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Not Koodo related. Please keep questions Koodo related. Facebook has nothing to do with Koodo. You could easily have googled this answer: https://www.google.ca/#q=How+do+we+delete+facebook+messages+after+reading+them%3F
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Facebook messages actually can't be deleted, only archived. There is no permanent way to delete Facebook messages unless they recently changed that.
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I think the recent update for FB does allow it. I checked my Note a minute ago. when I pressed the menu button and went the "more" it gave the option to delete or archive. Strange I didn't notice this before
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Yeah, there's an option to delete now. When you're in the conversation, there will be a wheel gear icon you click on that gives you more options with the chat. There's an option to delete individual messages.