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How do I upgrade my phone?

I purchased an Iphone 5c about 2 years ago, and finally it has given up on me.
The screen went all black and has since not been able to turn back on.
Which as now resulted me into looking to upgrade to a new phone but i wish to not get another iphone in fear of this happening once again.

My tab type is : S
My tab balance is : $63.03

I am interested in upgrading to the new LG G3
How would I go about doing that? and how much would I most likely be paying?
Would I have to go into a store or is possible to do it online?

Thank you so much!

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If your tab is negative then you need to pay off the $63.03 before you can get another phone on tab. If it is a positive tab then you have an extra $63.03 to use as a credit toward the new phone.

You should be able to put the G3 on a regular tab which you will pay back at $15/month https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/lg...
Thank you so much.