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How do I upgrade my lg g3 to a g4

Im on a 2 year contract and have the g3. Just got it. I pay 40 a month and want yhe g4 now. How much doni have to pay. Do i have to pay the whole contract ( Im broke ) or just the cost of the new phone??

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Koodo doesn't have conventional contracts, you just pay your tab balance if you want upgrade. That being said, koodo also doesn't carry the LG G4
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Depends where you are getting LG G4 from?  its not available at Koodo yet.
What's wrong with the G3?
Nothing just g4 is better
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Koodo doesn't offer the G4. They managed to get the G3 about 8 months into its life cycle at a reduced price. I don't see them carrying the G4 anytime soon. Your only option is to purchase it at full price from another provider. I recommend the Telus model, because it will more than likely work with Koodo without unlocking.
I know this is a bit dated, but it is possible now to get a locked LG G4 from a Koodo Retailer. Just remove your sim from your G3 and insert it into your new phone