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How do I test an S5 Active antenna?

I bought an S5 Active from an online retailer in the US to use with Koodo.  The first phone they sent me had a crack in the screen which was interfering with getting at the settings menu, so I sent it back and they mailed me a replacement.  I put the old SIM car into the new phone.

I used to get a weak connection on the old phone, but I get nothing on the new one.  Comparing it to my mother's iPhone, I'm getting a 20 dB weaker signal.  She's with Telus, so it should be the same network.

Is there any way I can conclusively test the antenna to prove there is something wrong with it?  The retailer is hesitant to replace it again, and I can't say I blame them, so I want something ironclad to send their way.


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No way to test the Antenna that I am aware of.
All you can does is check what signal you are recieving

Check to make sure your phone is NOT set to GSM only as that is 2G and Koodo does not have 2G.
Try WCDMA only to see if that improves signal
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Also note that different phones have different cellular reception quality. Not everyone on the same network in the same area will have the same type of reception.