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How do I sync music from my iTunes to my Nexus 4?

  • 5 February 2014
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I just switched from an iPhone with Rogers to a Nexus 4 with Koodo yesterday, so I'm fairly new to all this. I'm having trouble moving my iTunes music onto my new phone, I've looked around online and I tried what they suggested but it's not working. So, I'm obviously doing something wrong or I'm just plain dumb when it comes to Androids. I tried moving my entire library into a temp. folder and then copying/moving it into the music folder on my phone, that didn't work though. Are the music files in the wrong format? I have a mix of iTunes purchased and not purchased. I also read something about uploading it to Google Play, but I was having issues with that too. Any suggestions? 🙂

4 replies

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Export your whole music library to windows media player or onto your hard drive. Or you can use a file converter can you download online. At which point you should be able to save your music on your new phone.
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Use the Google Music Manager. It automatically syncs all the new tune you add to your iTunes library to your phone via wi-fi. Here's what you need to get started : http://blog.laptopmag.com/how-to-sync-itunes-android
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After you move the files if they aren't showing in your music player just reboot the phone (turn it off and back on) and the files will be there now. This doesn't always work but more than not it works
Hi, here is an article about how to transfer musics from iTunes to Google Nexus. http://www.jihosoft.com/phone-transfer/transfer-itunes-music-to-google-nexus.html
This phone transfer software is available to transfer music and various kinds of data from iTunes to your Nexus.
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