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how do i send my phone to you guys to get repaired? and will it cost much

my nexus 4 broke and i wanna send it away to get fixed!, i broke the screen!

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Bring the phone to a koodo kiosk and they can send it in for repair. An out of warranty repair for the screen though will cost $100-$150. You may be able to find a local place that will do it for less.
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Well...you [i]could go to a Koodo kiosk to send the phone for repairs. Obviously if the screen is broken like you say the warranty is void though. The store rep should be able to give you an initial assessment and estimate of the repair costs, if it's even economical to repair. If you accept the cost, your phone can be sent to repairs. Once there it will be assessed again and if the estimate they give is the same or less than that you accepted at the store they'll repair it, if the estimate is more they'll contact you (by email, I think) to see if you accept the repair cost. The store will also be able to set you up with a loaner phone during the repair period. Just be sure to give the loaner back when your own phone comes back from repairs or you'll be charged for the phone. Depending on what's left over on your Tab you might actually be better off paying it off and buy a new phone instead of going through the hassle of getting a new phone.