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How do I see the answers to the questions I have asked?

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I'm not clear on how to be notified when people answer the questions I've asked. I *thought* this was governed by how we set the email notifications in our forum profiles but I've selected the option that notifies me by email whenever someone replies to a question. Some of my questions HAVE been answered but I only had email notifications for one or two of them; I just stumbled on them by accident.  

Some forums have a way to find all the threads/questions I have asked but I  don't see anything like that in the Koodo forums.

If the email notifications don't work reliably and there's no way to find my posts, I'm at a loss to see the point in asking the question in the first place since it is potentially very time-consuming to search through all the thousands of questions  on the forum a page at a time just to find mine. Please tell me there's a simple way to find my answers!

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This may or may not answer your question the way you want, but if you click on your [b]user name at the top right of this page, you will see an option for [b]profile.

Click on that and you get all your threads in chronological order.

As to the magic "[b]Answered" check-mark, that the moderator's call.

This site is obviously in transition from the older version, so I'm not surprised that email notifications may be erratic. They can tend to be annoying after a while if overdone IMHO.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Bob (again!). I stumbled on the fact that the threads appear under the profile a few minutes after I posted the question by poking around. I let it stand though because I didn't see any way to delete it:-) Also, I was curious to know about the email notifications.
I didn't realize they are transitioning to a new site here and that things may be bit erratic for the time being. I know that can happen. I hope they get the email notifications working but I can wait as long as the Profile technique works, which it clearly does.

As to the Answered check-mark, I haven't actually seen one of those yet but I am familiar with them from other forums.