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How do I register my bring-your-own LG G3 D852 for OTA updates? Phone SW update reports "your phone is not registered yet."

Hi Community,

I have an unlocked grey-market (bring-your-own) LG G3 D852 running Android 5.0.1 (D85220f) and I would like to have the device registered for OTA updates via the Koodo servers. Is someone able to detail the registration process? When tapping 'Software Update' in the UI, the message "your phone is not registered yet." is returned. Also unable to update via LG PC Suite - similar message.


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So the SIM card is in it and the phone works, right?
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I don't think you can register a third party phone for Koodo updates, Ben. Your best bet is probably a manual update via your PC.
@Robert - yes, the phone is totally functional, has data (LTE UL/DL)

@Sophia - I was thinking this might be the case. However, attempting to upgrade via LG PC Suite also does not work, I consistently get "Cannot run upgrade. Check phone status and retry."

I was hoping a Koodo customer might have already had and surmounted this issue...
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Hi! You can find all the info as well as the files needed to manually flash the update here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2785089
@Cory Z - thank you! I was looking for the 6.0 stock ROM and hadn't found one that wasn't rooted. Your reply is much appreciated.