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How do i recover items that were deleted off my sd card?

How do I recover items from my old phone I accidently deleted off my sd card?

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If the items were just saved on the SD card and not on the phone as well there is no way to recover that lost data.
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What kind of "items"? If it is apps downloaded from your play store, you can restore those my going to the play store, hitting the more options button (the invincible button beside your home button to the left side), my accounts and you should be able to see apps that you downloaded before. I hope it helps.
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To see the apps that were downloaded by other devices or apps currently installed on your S2x, go into Play Store and tap the Menu soft-key to the left of your Home button on your S2x. A menu will appear. At the top of the menu, select My Apps and you will see a list of Installed apps. If you swipe to the left, you should see ALL the apps that were ever downloaded by any other Android device. Unless you had some sort of backup software in place on your older phone, the deleting process has wiped the SD card. There are some Windows based applications that can attempt to recover lost data, one is Piriform's Recuva. No guarantees, but worth a try. I've posted the link below. http://www.piriform.com/recuva