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How do I put in a formal complaint about your sub standard customer (that is a joke) service?

I have just spent 3 hours on hold to contact them to unlock a phone that I locked last night since it appeared to have been stolen!!  Turns out a friend took it in error and I got it back just before 6pm EST time tonight.  Office hours close at 7pm so got on the phone about 615....waited over an hour and apparently pressed the wrong number for a department because when I got a person, they said I had the wrong department and transferred me.  About an hour and a half later I got to choose an option again only to be told they were busy and to try back later!!!  Yup....3 hours on the phone to get my service back on only to be told oh well...too bad....call back later????  This is the only company that I have ever had such terrible customer service like this from!!  Totally disgusting....can't wait to switch to another carrier!!!  Anyone else have the same issues?

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Happy to learn your phone was returned.  Give a call first thing tomorrow morning and they should be able to help you out.  I expect it has been very busy with the Black Friday offers.
I have been trying all morning only to be told they are not open but no mention of what hours they are open...do you know?
Leave your name and phone number. System will say how many minutes for callback. You won't lose your place in line. Time stated is pretty much right on. Tried it and very satisfied.
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You could send them a Private message on Facebook and see if they could help you faster that way although like David said it's swamped there right now with everyone taking advantage of the black Friday deals. Just a really unfortunate time for this to happen, it's not usually this hard to get things done.

You use to be able to do it yourself through your self serve account, I'm guessing that's not an option anymore?
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In the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, it indicates operating hours start at 9:00 this morning.
Lack of service in this area for months with no resolution, i want credit for poor reception and time spent dealing with these issues
I have no reception for calls in my residence and lucky to get 1 bar outside. Calls go to voice mail
3 or 4 calls to koodo and hours of frustration
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Jbrunner wrote:

Lack of service in this area for months with no resolution, i want credit for poor reception and time spent dealing with these issues

Will my Koodo services always work in Koodo coverage areas?

We monitor our networks to keep them running continuously. However, there are times when Koodo must temporarily suspend or restrict the service to maintain, restore or repair the network. Also, to ensure fair network access to all users, Koodo may manage network resources using methods including, but not limited to:
  • Allocation of bandwidth, which may limit the availability or speed of data service;
  • Filtering for spam and malicious content, which may occasionally result in unintended blocking of inoffensive content; and
  • Restricting the network access available to specific transmission protocols.
For a description of Koodo’s network management practices please see koodomobile.com/wireless-video-experience-optimization.
In addition, service failures or interruptions can occur due to events beyond Koodo’s reasonable control. These may include:
  • Atmospheric conditions (including solar activities);
  • Physical obstacles interfering with the transmission of radio signals;
  • Limitations on the capacity of the network to carry traffic from all nearby users;
  • Technical limitations of the systems of other telecommunications companies or limitations of the interconnection of transmission facilities;
  • Defects or failures in network equipment; or
  • Emergency or public safety requirements.
If you are seeing only 1 bar when outside your house, then it would appear you are located in a poor service area. Have you had better signal strength in the past?
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Which phone do you have? Koodo offers Wi-Fi calling, however, this feature is limited to select Android and iPhone devices. (Supported devices: LG V30, iPhone 6 or newer).


According to a couple of cell tower maps, terrain could be the issue resulting in weaker cell signal reception. I see a couple of cell towers/sites along Highway 11, a fair distance from where you are. If Wi-Fi calling is not an option, a cellular signal booster might be worth considering. Forewarned, they're not cheap. The good news, if you can call it that, is that there is some signal to work with. Meaning that the booster should be able to amplify the signal.



This is the link for initiating formal complaints. The CCTS does want to see a prior attempt at disputed resolution between the customer and carrier before going the formal complaint route.