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How do I pay my first phone bill?

How do I pay my first phone bill. I watched the videos and found them to be unhelpful. If anyone could give me a step by step that would be fantastic! Thank you

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Hi there... You may pay via Credit Card on your Self Service account, you may go to the bank with your invoice, you may do online banking, you may also send the money via Western Union, just make sure you have the correct account number! 🙂
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What I did was: -Call my bank (RBC) -Gave them my Koodo account # -Had them add Koodo as a payment option -Went back to the automated system from my bank -Selected "Koodo" from the list of avaiulable payment options -Paid Koodo Same can be done via \the RBC mobile App.
Online banking has the option to add bills. Just locate your bill payments on the banking website and add your account number from Koodo. Then just pay it.