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How do I look up the IMEI number of my phone?

I have a Samsung Google Nexus phone purchased in 2011. I am now in South Africa and the phone was stolen. In order to report I need IMEI number. I do not have any of the phone info with me, no box, nothing. Is there a way to look up the IMEI number?!

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You should call or email Koodo & they might have it on file. go to the left bottom of this page and click on contact us for the various ways to contact koodo
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I guess that when you say that you are in South Africa is that you moved definitely, if this is not the case and you still have the account with koodo, you may use your Self Serve and you will find the IMEI where it says ESN on the screenshoot... If not with koodo anymore, well, follow the instructions from Kid...

Call Koodo Tech Support, and they will have it on file as long as you bought the phone WITH them.
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even if koodo flags iemi and blocks a serial number to device . there is 100% chance that that phone will be accepted to foreign carriers without a hitch,
thanks for the help everyone, i phoned koodo and they were able to give me the info.