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  • 2 July 2015
  • 3 replies

I lost/got my phone stolen the other day and I want to be able to track it so I can get it back

3 replies

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Koodo is unable to help you track it. If it was an android, and the phone is still on and has service, you can download a tracking app to the phone via the playstore and try and track it that way. If your phone is off or has already been reset, which is most likely the case since its been a few days, then it wont be possible to track it. If its an iphone and you turned on find my iphone before it was lost, you can use that to track it. Again, only if the phone is on and has service. Best of luck
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Also you should report the device as stolen/lost through self serve. Until you do, you'll be responsible for any charges the finder incurred before giving it back to you. Reporting it stolen will deactivate the Sim card and place it on the stolen phone registry making it useless. so unless it's on Wifi you won't be able to track it and as Ahmad already mentioned, it's probably been wiped already.
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If you do track the phone, be careful how you approach getting it back. Someone recently lost their life here in London trying to retrieve their stolen phone, and no phone is worth that.