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How do I know if my phone was repaired?

My samsung S5 neo was crap, people couldn't hear me, so I called in and they offered to repair. I don't have a koodo store near me, the closest is 600km away! They suggested I send my phone via express post, when they would receive it they'd send me another phone while I wait for my phone to be repaired. I argued with the customer service for a long time for them just to send me a new phone as it was unacceptable to more 1-2 weeks without a phone( I don't have a regular phone, it's just my cell, I really can't be unreachable for so long!). There was no getting around it, it was the procedure. The lady was to call me when my phone was repaired to make sure all was good. So They send me the express post package. It said to ship only the phone and keep all accessories, including battery and charger as I would need those for the swap phone.

A week and a half later, I receive the swap phone. It has all the accessories, including battery and charger. There is no explanation in the box, just a packing slip that says swap phone. This was like 4 months ago... I never got a call from the customer service lady. So I'm wondering, did they send me a new phone? Are they still repairing my old phone? What is going on. How do I know what happened to my phone?

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@Marie-Eve: looks like you got a replacement. That's a pretty sweet deal, you're left with a back-up battery.