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How do i keep my phone from using up so much battery power?

how do i keep my phone from using up so much battery power? i have to charge it almost 2 times a day sometimes...i have an lg optimus one i had that apps killer installed but it didnt do anything i dont have anything else running in the background that i know of...most of the stuff that is on the list looks important so i dont bother with it

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1. Make sure your Wifi and Bluetooth is turned off when you're not using it. They will constantly be looking for something to connect to, which uses quite a bite of battery. 2. Turn your location services off 3. Every time you are done using an app, kill it
first of all to make one thing clear LG batteries have never been that great. many sites recommend turning off WiFi and Bluetooth when they are not being used. often times battery savers and app killers are memory hogs themselves. I would uninstall the app killer first. also turning on the built in power saver mode and lowering the screen's brightness can help.
as well having static backgrounds and minimizing animation increases battery noticeably.
wifi an games make you lose lots of battery. try to keep low on games. 🙂
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Go bingo your settings and click on battery, there it should show you what is taking the most battery by displaying the things taking battery power from highest battery drain to lowest. You'll notice that the display is always the biggest drain on your battery but you can help this a bit by dimming the brightness of the display as dim as possible while still comfortably viewing it. Also delete any apps that you notice are taking alot of battery power if said apps are not really needed. Go into your location part of settings and unchecked or disable your GPS, & only turn it on when needed. Turn off your WIFI and or data connections when not using them, don't leave tour wifi on when not trying to use or it will be searching for a wifi spot everywhere you go.
k Kid Android....ill give it a shot....i uninstalled the apps killer a bit ago....cause it didnt do anything anyway lol....so ill try what you said and see if i notice a difference in the next couple of days thanks
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I have had much luck with Green Power premium. Once configured it will shut things like Data, blue tooth, wifi, down when they aren't being used. Also on a schedule it will turn them back on for a few minutes just to check. Too many features to list here. Check it out on the play market.