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how do I get text messages that were sent, when I was on airplane mode?

  • 8 March 2016
  • 4 replies

I was in Australia for the last 2 weeks and had my phone on airplane mode while I was there(only used wifi) but when I got home this week, I didn't receive any text messages from the 2 weeks I was away. How can I get them? I thought I should get them when I took my phone off of airplane mode.

4 replies

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Hi Stephan, I think there is only a certain amount of time the servers will keep the text messages for so many days before it deletes them. Did you receive any upon reconnecting to koodo?
No, I didn't get a single msg from either my contacts or from Koodo. But since I have reconnected, I have been getting current msgs
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AFAIK, koodo's servers will store messages for at least 5 days before removing them from the queue as undeliverable. (might be 10). Are you certain that anyone sent you any messages while you were in Australia?
I always wondered about thos qiestion but never asked. Good question