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How do I find out the cost of the calls I've made and how much is left in my account?

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I'm a new Koodo Prepaid customer with a new HTC Desire 320 phone.

I have the basic $15/month plan that gives unlimited texting within Canada (and the US?) but that makes you buy booster top ups for your voice calls. 

I know that the phone keeps track of the calls I make but it does not keep track of the duration of the call or how much of the money in my account I've spent. Should that information be visible in my  account somewhere so that I can tell when I need to buy more calling minutes? I've looked for it but after a week with this account, I see no signs on actual calls made on my account. Shouldn't I see something somewhere like I used to get on my Bell landline bill where each long distance call was listed with the duration and cost of the call?

If that exists, how do I find it?

If it doesn't exist, how do I know how many dollars are left in my phone minutes so that I know when I need to top up? (I know that I can make those booster topups automatically but I want to monitor my actual calling manually for a few months first so that I can figure out if it makes sense to switch to a monthly plan.)

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Click on the tab [b]Base Plans and Boosters.

You will then see a tab named [b]Usage History. This is your usage log. You can choose to display any period of time over the past 12 months. It's one area where the prepaid site beats the post-paid in terms of analysis.

The [b]Booster Usage tab will tell you the balances available till you need to top up.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks VERY much, Bob. I thought it was under Transaction History and wasn't seeing anything there so I was baffled 🙂 NOW I see my calls and texts and what they cost!

Unfortunately, the individual calls all show a charge of 0.00. Why is that? I have two Talk Booster 100s at the moment, the one I bought and the signing bonus, and I've apparently already used 33 minutes from the first one. I'm not sure how that happened; I've only had the phone 8 days and only made half a dozen one minute calls, all local.

Do you have any idea how I can see the cost of individual calls?

Also, when I first get into Usage History, it says there are two pages of items but when I go to the second page, there are suddenly FOUR pages of calls and texts. Is it normal for it to understate the number of pages when you first arrive, then increase it as you start going through them?

One last question (I hope): I see two "data events" that are described as Picture Messages, one to each of my two email addresses. What is a picture message? I *did* get an odd email shortly after I joined this forum; it just said TEST and then the standard stuff from the template that I saw in other replies to my Voicemail questions. Could that have been the "picture message" showing up in the Usage History? And how did it get my second email address? I'm pretty sure I didn't put that anywhere in my  Koodo registration....