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how do i delete voicemail

I got a voicemail from the National Research Firm or something like that and it tells me to do a survey of my cell phone use. I do it it tells me to press 1 on my keypad for english and 2 for french but when I press 1 it just keeps on repeating the prompts and the voicemail notifications won't go away on my notifications bar. It will not let me do the survey and it keeps on saying the message was not opened. I sometimes get calls like this so I just want to delete my voicemail. How do I do that? I have a Samsung Galaxy s6.

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Hi Athena,

What's happening is the robot who called you doesn't know it left a message. It thinks it was speaking to someone so it kept waiting for that someone to reply. The whole time, koodo's voicemail ystem recorded it speaking.

Allow the message to play all the way through without touching any key. When the message is over the voice prompts will tell you how to delete the message.

Have fun and let us know if you still have problems
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When listening to the message you want to delete press 7