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how do I charge a Samsung note 2

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Apparently I have been charging my phone wrong and when it is done charging or I turn off WiFi it goes straight to voicemail, one of the masters said it is user error so please help me so I can charge my phone properly

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Are you a Pay As You Go member?
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No , I have been with koodo for awhile
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Hi John, If you're having issues with receiving calls on your Note 2 and turning off LTE doesn't help, your best bet would be to have your phone checked out at a Koodo kiosk. There you can test your SIM in another phone and another SIM in your current Note 2. If your problem is related to the SIM card, you can purchase a new one for just $10 and if the issue is coming from the phone itself, you can send it for repairs if you're still covered by the one-year manufacturer's warranty. You can also call our Tech Team at 1-866-995-6636 from a landline to do some additional troubleshooting. Calling from a landline will allow you to keep your Note 2 free so that they can test any troubleshooting steps they suggest. Thank you. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Curtis wrote:

Hi John, If you're having issues with receiving calls on your Note 2 and turning off LTE doesn...

Thank you Curtis I have gotten a new Sim card once already worked for a short time, the nearest Koodo shop is a 2 hr drive one way, and then the same to pick up the phone totaling 8 hrs of driving for a repair not appealing to me. I have been given SAMSUNG'S NUMBER from one of the koodo techs and they have agreed to have it mailed to a repair center saving me the 8hr drive , I had asked for this from Koodo but I was only sent 2 refurbished phones , these refurbished phones seem to have have the same problem, maybe these were returned because of that problem. A lot of people may not realize that this problem exists, my phone is always on and I always answer it so when it is going straight to voice mail my friends tell me this and this is how I have found out