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How do I change the name of the owner of the account

I recently turned 18 and am now able to have my name on my account. I want to change it from my mom to me so I can earn the credit myself. Everything else on the account t is mine and I pay the bill but I just want it under my name.

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Your mom needs to either call-in (*611 from your/her Koodo phone, doesn't matter) or go into a Koodo store (with you) and initiate a Transfer of Ownership. You'll need 2 pieces of government issued ID, one being photo ID. A credit check will be done. If approved, the line is transferred into your name. If done over the phone there is a $25 fee, if in-store it's free.
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Hi Karalee, 

If your mom calls in to 611 (or 1-866-995-6636) to authorize you, you can then just call us within the next 10 days to complete the credit check and open the line in your new account.

Make sure there is no past due. Also, transfer of ownership is now $10 when calling.

Hope that helps 🙂